‘Dear Survivor’ Letter Project


The ‘Dear Survivor’ Project is an opportunity for persons – be they survivors or otherwise – to reflect on the experiences shared in the work ‘Voices: Beyond the Walls’ through the act of hand writing letters to survivors.

To engage with this project, please follow the instructions provided below:

Browse through the gallery of undergarments on the home page of the site or while engaging in an exhibition space. While engaging with each of the survivor stories, find one or two survivor stories that impact you and reflect on why.

Some sample prompts for reflection:

  • why this quote?
  • what support or supportive words can you offer?
  • what words would you use to describe the survivor based on their experiences that they have shared?
  • if you yourself are a survivor, what words do you wish someone said to you that you can say to this survivor?

When you feel comfortable, write a letter addressed “Dear Survivor” responding to your experience or to some of the thoughts and feelings you had while reflecting. For some, it may help to envision a certain survivor they know in real life, or themselves, or another historical or popular figure who has impacted them in some way. Please remember, these letters are to serve as a source of belief, support, and hope for survivors, demonstrating solidarity and love in the face of cultures that often suppress these voices, so please be mindful of what you choose to say. At the end of the letter, you may choose to write your name, but refrain from any last names, phone numbers, or any other identifying information.

Once you have finished writing the letter, seal within an envelope, DO NOT include a return address, and send the letter to :

‘Dear Survivor’

1000 Holt Avenue – 2774.   

Winter Park, Fl.



Once received, these letters will be scanned into a digital database and the physical copies will be bound into a volume to be displayed with the ‘Voices’ project.



Some important things to note:

ALL letters will be screened before display. Any content deemed inappropriate, damaging, or explicit will be rejected and will not be included in the project. This includes any letters which blame or shame the survivor in any way.

Should you choose to include any personally identifying information, the information will be edited out before production.



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